Friday, November 18, 2011

Alexander McQueen : Darkest Purple

At Cultstatus we do our best in providing true as possible colour representation of our products online. However, sometimes some colours are tricky without a comparison.

We currently have in stock the gorgeous Alexander McQueen double wrap pony hair cuffs available in both black and deep purple. Without scrutiny, the deep purple can appear black to the naked eye. We have provided a comparison image below to illustrate how dense the deep purple is. The black is on the right for both comparison shots.


McQueen Pony 2X Wrap Bracelet Deep Purple $275

McQueen Pony 2X Wrap Bracelet Black $275


Comparison shot of the box clutches:


McQueen Skull Zip Clutch Black $1495

McQueen Heraldry Clutch Purple $1495