Saturday, June 26, 2010

BALENCIAGA - One Customer's Story

We have many Balenciaga bag fans. Customers who will come to the store as soon as a new delivery arrives to view the colours and feel the leathers. As with any other store we get our deliveries every few weeks throughout the season. This means that the chances of viewing every colour in all the hardware variations of one particular style are very rare.

This is the story on one customer (let's call her "A") who purchased 3 "Towns" in 2 months. The "Town" has been a real hit at CULTSTATUS and is really growing in popularity. It fits in all the essentials, can be carried cross body, is light and the long strap can be detached for a dressier look for night.

After buying two classic hardware versions, "A" ended up buying another Town - Canard with Rose Gold Hardware. "A" is still very interested in collecting a few more "towns" and has her name on the list for some fall colours. Last week we received a new delivery for Prefall 10 and some re-orders for SS10. "A" came in for her customary inspection. She had previous seen the Town in classic, silver giant and rose giant hardware, but she had never seen a Black town with Rose Gold. It was love at first sight, but could she justify another black Town? She already had a classic black with the most amazing leather....we urged her to wait for the new colours. She asked us to put the bag on hold for her.

Two days later she returned to the store, with this:-

Firstly, let us clarify, we strongly advise against this procedure and that we do NOT recommend any customer to do this their bag. There might be future unforeseeable problems resulting from this which will render the service warranty void. You have been warned.

This bag is a classic hardware "Town". Barely two months old, the owner decided to sand the brass finish off the hardware. The colour underneath is a satin pale gold tone. So what you you think? The results are really quite gorgeous! Very daring and hopefully she will hold on to the title of being the one and only person to do this to their bag. Thank you to "A" for allowing us to share her story.