Wednesday, December 9, 2009


All photos taken in natural light. The Royal is a saturated bright royal blue with purple undertones. The Cyclade reminds us of colbalt from a previous season - a medium blue with strong green undertones- again a very saturated strong colour. The tomato is almost identical to some SS09 Manadarins (there was a lot of variation in this colour but this tomato is a brighter orange). Snag/Red is a beautiful true red - there is neither a strong warm orange nor cool blue tone so we would say it is right in the middle, a perfectly neutral tone. The Castagna is a deep chestnyt brown - leather on the colour is outstanding - it is thick and chewy.

New styles include the VELO is is about the width of the City but with a long strap and more height in the body. A very practical bag, perfect for those who wanted the city in a messenger style.

Part-time for the first time comes in Giant Covered Leather Hardware.

Royal Blue Day with GSH

Cyclade PArt-time with Giant Sivler Hardware

Velo classic in Sang $2150