Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maloles - Shoes and Bags

Maloles Antignac launched her eponymous collection in 2004 with the introduction of her signature ballerina flats. The "Georges" the "Zoe" and the "Safir" are now all classics which are updated each season in different leathers and details.

Each piece is made using an artisan shoemaking practice called "Sacchetto", a form of craftsmanship that offers a glove-like construction to envelop the foot giving more agility to the shoes - so much that front of the shoe can be bent, so it will move in every direction to fit the flexibility of the foot. Each one is hand-stitched on both the interior and exterior for utmost durability, and the gold stitched sole gives an decorative and elegant touch to all the Sacchetto styles.

This season we have the Georges flat as well as the Safir in the new metal tonal studded leather. There is also a large clutch with this studded detailing. Gorgeous, luxurious and comfortable, the studded detailing is subtle but stunning.

Another unique and gorgeous piece from Maloles is the over sized Orchid Clutch in goat leather with orchid-embossed detail. The leather covered 3D look is a strong look for next season. Available in black or navy. AUD$650